Quality Policy

Hazi Piros Paprika Kft. is fully focussed on the requirements of its buyers.

We closely monitor our products from initial cultivation to harvest to ensure optimum quality is achieved with the aim of using one system to integrate quality assurance and food safety.
The company adopts a ’field to table’ concept with regard to the Agriculture Environmental Management Policy placing a strong emphasis on preventative and comprehensive food safety. 

Many elements of AEMP are incorporated into daily management decisions.

As a consequence of this, together with implementing IFS and BRC food standards, we are confident that the quality of our food products can be guaranteed.
The focus on continuous product development allows the production of healthy food products and to reduce food allergy concerns. We also endeavor to deepen our knowledge of food safety and hygiene at all levels of the production process.

The Company is fully committed to complying with all legislation relating to Environment protection.

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