Airdried herbs and vegetables

We are asked several times by the customers: what is the special about Hungarian vegetables, why is their taste unique and inimitable? The answer lies within our nature ( the soil, the climate etc.) and it can be thanked as well to our expertise acquired during the decades, the technology and the know-how by that we with our farmers in close co-operation grow, harvest and then process and sell the finished products home and to several countries of the world. Our airdried herbs and vegetables are made of natural ingredients at our factories without adding any artificial additives. The feedback of our customers and expression of their confidence is important for us and lends a new impetus to continue our work. We can grant you an integrated supply-chain-management where from seeding till supplying our produce to your „doors” , we harvest- process-analyze –deliver and control all steps.

Spicy blend of 00' flour (double zero flour)

Type: dill, parslay, spinach, paprika, natural Side dishes (dumplings, croquettes, gnocchi, pasta) as a deposit soup (noodles, shredded, flowing noodles), vegetable dishes, soups, sauces thicken, dough preparation is suitable Recommended for diabetics.

Paprika, ground

In a gastronomy quiz description of the most frequently used spice in Hungary, paprika would earn no more that one point for any player all over the world. „ Habeat colorem, odorem et saporem…” means have some colour, odour and flavour. These attributes are to be expected not only from good wines but also from most of Hungarian courses. In order to accomplish first one, paprika has a leading role that can provide a variety of shades from brilliant deep-red to golden-yellow. Assortment of hot and sweet ground paprika” Házi Arany” exceedingly suitable for creation of such traditional Hungarian dishes like Fish’soup, Pörkölt („Pork stew”), fried fish, Goulash.

Spices /Herbs

The use of spices that gives individual, national character to every cuisines of world. Available abudance in spices, can make cooking a big advanture during which ” you can travel to any part of the world ” and get familiar with culinary culture of nationalities. Wide assortment and many-sidedness of Házi Arany spices guarantee that everbody can easily create a unique taste on his/her table.


On a journey from East to West through Asia variety of spice-mixtures is growing and their complexity, as well. There are no standardized recipes for usage, determining factor is individual style. Harmony and distinctiveness are typical of ”Házi Arany” spice blends that are associated with easy-to–use trait during preparing your own meals. Art of seasoning resides in avoiding overuse and complying with style of food. „Házi Arany” seasonings are produced of carefully selected dried vegetables,herbs that preserve their orginal colour and flavour during processing. We encourage you to use them when preparing your soups, meat- or vegetable dishes and sauces.


The art of seasoning lies in that the spices must be used balanced, avoiding the overuse and their flavours must match or complement to quality of dish. Seasonings of Házi Arany are processed of carefully selected dried vegetables, herbs and so their aroma and flavour can be kept.We recommend using our products to season soups, cooked vegetables, meats and to various garnishes.

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